Universal robotic complexes for application of IP-65 sealing contours made of polyurethane and silicone compositions


High-tech equipment for production of dustproof and waterproof seals made of polyurethane and silicone compositions.


Universal equipment used for trajectory application of IP-65 sealants and a sealing contours made of silicone and foam polyurethane, which ensure the hermeticity of the panels of electric equipment cabinets, lighting equipment, transformers, transformer substations, radio equipment cabinets, distribution boxes and other electrotechnical equipment.

Configuration of the equipment

The complex consists of the following parts:
  • mixing-dosing unit;
  • mechanism of three-axis motion of the mixing device;
  • control system.
The complex is equipped with a control system and specialized software designed for this particular equipment. It can operate according to programmable commands or using given templates. The universal equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with the individual characteristics of the production process.

The equipment ensures the accuracy of positioning and allows the customer to economize on raw material components. It is high-productive and environmentally safe. Currently, the equipment is used successfully at different enterprises of electronic, machine-building and other industries.

Novelty of the development

The novelty of the equipment consists in its applicability for consecutive application of sealing contours made of various compositions without equipment revamping, which increases the productivity and allows the customer to apply polyurethane and silicone seals during one technological cycle.
Commercial offer
  • Universal robotic complexes are own developments of the Research Institute of Applied Physical Problems of the BSU, which allows the customer to solve all issues related to the operation of the complexes without involving third-party service centers.
  • Equipment production and delivery term is no more than 60 calendar days from the date of approval of the requirements specification.
  • Technical parameters of the equipment ensure precise coordinate positioning and a high quality of mixing and dosing. It allows the customer to create the most automated, high-tech and highly competitive enterprises on its basis.
  • The components of the equipment are of high quality and are produced only by the world's leading manufacturers (Omron, RotaryPower, Yamada, Camozzi, Pneumax, STM, Siko BV, etc.).
  • Full range of services. Individual approach.
  • Warranty (24 months) and post-warranty service. The components and consumables can be supplied additionally.