Three-component mixing-dosing equipment for implementation of technological processes of production of polymer nanocomposites


Energy-efficient equipment for production of modified polyurethane nanocomposites made of multicomponent systems.
The equipment is used for production of products from elastic and integral polyurethane foam filled with solid particles:
  • sealing circuits of the panels of electrical cabinets, lighting equipment
  • round and panel automobile filters
  • filters for industrial vacuum cleaners and air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • flexible panel frames of air filters of car cabins
  • seals of door panels, optical systems, heat and water-proofing and hermetic sealing of panels and glasses
  • elastic matrices, etc.
Novelty and features of the equipment

The know-how of the manufacturer is the introduction of solid fillers into polyurethane foam system which ensures thorough wetting of solid particles and their uniform distribution in the volume of the composite.

The novelty of the equipment consists in its energy-efficient three-component mixing device which allows combining the processes of dosing and mixing of solid nanosized fillers and liquid components of polyurethane foam compositions into the single cycle. Each component is dosed directly into the reaction zone where the processes of polycondensation, foaming, viscosity increase and composite formation take place.


The three-component mixing-dosing device allows to create new technological methods for introduction of nanosized solid particles directly into the mixing chamber while simultaneous supply of reactive polyurethane compositions. It also enables to change quickly the composition of the modifying compounds and their quantity, as well as to obtain polymer composites with a certain macromolecular structure and physico-mechanical and operational properties.

The mixing device is the main unit of low-pressure mixing and dosing equipment for manufacturing of products from elastic and integral polyurethane foam filled with solid particles.

The mixing device consists of a case equipped with five valves with pneumatic actuators and a reaction chamber. All the valves have one and the same construction and are intended to open access into the reaction chamber to the components A and B, the modifier component, the solvent to clean the chamber and air supply to dry it.
Pneumatic cylinders are designed for opening and closing of the valves.

The low-pressure mixing-dosing equipment consists of the following main units:
  • mixing unit
  • containers with agitators for the components and the solvent
  • dosing pumps with electric drives
  • devices for air saturation of the components
  • thermostat
  • control panel
  • swinging column
  • pneumatic control equipment and measuring instrumentation.
The operation of the low-pressure mixing-dosing equipment is based on the pressure (up to 2.5 Mpa) dosage and mixing of the components in the mixing chamber with a rotor at the rotation speed up to 18,000 rpm. The low-pressure equipment allows to manufacture products made of polyurethane foam with a weight of at least 3 g.

The equipment is controlled by a microprocessor system. The developed algorithms, modern base of electronic components and original software allow the operators to use the equipment in automated mode, determine and set technological parameters, including the ratio of the component, molding time, productivity, temperature.

Component parts
. In the manufacture of the equipment only high-quality components of the world's leading manufacturers are used (Omron, RotaryPower, Yamada, Camozzi, Pneumax, STM, Siko BV, etc.).

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Commercial offer
  • The equipment is designed and manufactured in compliance with individual requirements of each production.
  • Terms of manufacture and delivery of the equipment are no more than 45 calendar days from the date of approval of requirements specifications.
  • The cost of the equipment is 1.5-2.0 lower compared to similar equipment of Western manufacturers (OMS, Cannon, Liquid Control, EDF, etc.).
  • Full range of services. Individual approach.
  • The equipment is the manufacturer’s own development, which allows the customer to solve all the issues related to its functioning without contacting third-party service centers.
  • Warranty (24 months) and post-warranty service. Possibility of supply of any necessary components and consumables.