Equipment for dosage, mixing and filling of high viscosity compounds based on the vacuum system


Universal equipment for dosing, mixing and applying of polymer systems and potting compounds based on polyurethanes, epoxide resins, filled polymers, silicones, etc.
The equipment allows to process all types of rigid, elastic, integral foam polyurethane systems, polyurethane compounds and polyurethane glues with the viscosity of basic components equal to 10-70 000 mPa*sec and obtain items of any shape the weight of which is not less than 0.002 kg.


• Filling of electronic devices, components and equipment (engines, transformers, capacitors, etc.) with the compound;
• Production of cast isolation for electrical devices (transformers, capacitors, inductors, etc.);
• Production of any other type of items made of polyurethane foam, as well as the production of items based on potting compounds, filling compounds and adhesives.


Type of filling and mixing facility – low pressure and continuously working
The number of dosing components – 2
The ratio of dosing components A:B – from 2:1 to 6:1
Productivity, g/sec – from 2 to 125
Type of mixing facility – mechanical mixing, static mixing
The shaft speed of the mixing facility, revolutions per minute – 3000-10000

Volume of containers, l, not less than:
• component А – 40
• component B – 40
• solvent – 18

Air pressure
• in containers, MPa – 0.2(+,-)0.02
• in pneumatic actuator system, MPa – 0.6(+,-)0.05

The range of components thermostating in the containers, °C – 20-60 (with accuracy of (+,-)2 °C )
Size 260х930х1450 mm, weight 240 kg

Patent protection

Utility model certificate № 27009 issued by the Russian Federation. MPC В 29C 67/20, application № 2002114136, pri. 17 05.2002, affirmative decision - 26.08.2002.
Patent holder: Scientific and Research Institute “A.N.Sevchenko Institute for Applied Physical Problems of the BSU