Mobile industrial complex for manufacturing highly effective sorbent PENOPORUM

The mobile modular type complex is designed as an independent mobile factory with independent maintenance system that is intended for manufacturing sorbent ''PENOPORUM' in field conditions on the basis of gas-filled polymer (polyurethane foam).

"PENOPORUM" can be used as a preventive mean for immediate response to sudden pollutions and accidents in hazardous zones to collect liquid mineral oil and organic substances at liquidation of accidental spillages, for cleaning water and ground areas, settling tanks, storm and waste waters from the pollution by hydrocarbons and its derivates, such as crude oil, light and heavy fuel oil, vegetable, animal or mineral oils, organic solvents and others. The 'Penoporum' can be manufactured as sheets, floating booms, pillows, pads, rolls or crumbs that allows the quick and efficient action and guarantees excellent results even under hard weather conditions. The 'Penoporum' is also suitable for preventive treatments such as elimination of industrial pollutants from water emulsions and solutions, as well as from settlers, storage tanks, oil separators; liquidation of sequences of leakages; filtration of sewage waters in metallurgical, chemical and petroleum-refining industry.

General characteristic of "PENOPORUM":
Absorbing ability:
"PENOPORUM" absorbs hydrocarbons in 35-70 times more body weight without change of volume.

Holding ability:
"PENOPORUM" completely keeps absorbed substance, were in the sated status on a water surface.

Restoring ability:
"PENOPORUM" allows restoring not less than 80 % of the absorbed substance without change of its characteristics.

Destruction of wastes:
after use "PENOPORUM" can be utilize on the arrangement on processing of industrial wastes or is used as fuel.

Mobile complex components:
  • Service personnel module (1);
  • Technological module for raw material preparation (2);
  • Power supply module (3);
  • Sorbent manufacturing module (4);
  • Module for manufacturing sheets, pads, booms and granules (5);
  • Regeneration module (6);
  • Module for gathering sorbent waste products (7);
  • Module for oil and oil products transportation (8).
The service personnel module is intended for providing independent maintenance of the complex and by the service personnel of a complex and consists of cloakroom, food unit and sanitary hygienic block.

The technological module provides preparation and supply of raw components in the sorbent manufacturing module and consists of the following basic units:
  • Refrigerating and thermostating units;
  • Raw material storage (reservoirs with components);
  • Pump unit for components supply in the sorbent manufacturing module ;
  • Air conditioner and the air fan.
The power supply module provides generation, supply and switching of power supplies and compressed air and includes:
  • Electrogenerating system, with power up to 25 kw, voltage - 380V/50Hz;
  • Power switchboard with switching elements for connecting ventilation, lighting, compressor, refrigerating unit, mixing and filling plant for sorbent manufacturing, equipment for sorbent block cutting;
  • Air compressor with productivity of 0,4-1 m3 / min, and working pressure of 8-10 Bar;
  • Compressed air treatment unit that has the following structure: filters, water condensate-tappers, oil and water separator , adsorption driers, receiver.
The sorbent manufacturing module consists of the following components:
1. mixing-dosing plant that has the following characteristics:
  • Number of dosed components - 2;
  • Ratio of components dosed - from 3:1 up to 1:3;
  • Productivity, g/sec 60-200;
  • Installed power, kw - no more than 7;
  • Weight, kg - no more than 300.
2. process equipment: reservoirs with the mixing device, stop valve, pipelines, pumps, etc.;

3. forming equipment: continuous conveyor, sensors, manipulators.

Module for manufacturing sheets, pads, booms and granules consists of the device for cutting sorbent , grinder - granulator, packaging line, etc.

Regeneration module is intended for regeneration and clearing of collected oil and oil products and consists of the following components: centrifuge, wringer rolls, presses, separation columns.

The module for gathering sorbent waste products is intended for collection and temporary storage of the regenerated waste products of sorbent and is designed in the form of the ventilated metal container.

The module for transportation of oil and oil products is intended for gathering and subsequent transportation of recyclable oil and oil products and is designed in the form of a tank-truck for transportation of oil and oil products.