Automated installation for applying of foam-polyurethane coatings with a fine-dispersed filler


The automated installation is intended for dosing, mixing and applying of two-component foam-polyurethane coatings with a fine-dispersed filler by sputtering. It is used for thermal isolation and waterproofing of roofs, facades, foundations, containers, tanks, pipelines, etc.


Technical characteristics:

Type of the plant evaporation, high pressure
Driving gear electric
The number of dosing components 3 (A+B+filler)
Ratio of dosing foam polyurethane components A:B 1:1
Productivity of foam polyurethane components feeding, g/s from 50 to 100
Ratio of foam polyurethane system and a filler (A+B):С, weighting from 3:1 to 8:1
Filler consumption, g/s from 20 to 30
Adjustment of filler consumption manual
Volume of the containers, l
component A
component B

Type of the mixer/sprayer collision mixing
Driving gear of the mixer/sprayer pneumatic
Length of pressure hoses, m 9
Installed capacity, kW 9.0
Compressed air consumption, l/min not less than 700
Size, mm
Dozing unit for a foam polyurethane system
Filler feeder

Weight, kg not more than 110

The installation represents a three-component system, thus it has three containers. The first container is filled with "A" component, the second is filled with "B" component, and the third one is intended for the filler. This system allows to:
  • save raw material while production of materials;
  • obtain materials with different fillers.
Among the domestic counterparts there are only two-component systems, which allows the represented development occupy the leading position in the Belarusian market.

  • Building
  • Industry
Commercial offer
  • Sale on request (term of production is 2-3 months)
  • Training
  • Starting-up and adjustment
  • Warranty and post-warranty service