Microwave heating module


Microwave heating module is a device which generates electromagnetic energy. It is used in technological processes to dry, heat and sterilize various dielectric materials.

Use in industrial technological processes of
  • carving wood drying
  • foodstuff sterilization and drying
  • subsoil sterilization
  • pharmacology preparations sterilization
  • dielectric materials heating
  • mail sterilization

Microwave heating module MHM KRES 434726.001 is a finished product, generating electromagnetic energy. The wave-guide output enables to use the product in finished industrial equipment optimized for concrete tasks of drying, heating, sterilization of various kinds of dielectric materials. The embodiment of the product allows obtaining the required power of electromagnetic energy via the multi-module arrangement of the equipment of both types: resonance and conveyor.

Key features

SHF power, Wt at least 800
work frequency , MHz 2450
power consumption, kilowatt-hour not more than 1,5
operating mode long-lasting
size (max.), mm 420х340х240
weight, kg 9,5
service life, years at least 8