Complex of equipment for neutralization of pharmaceutical waste and cytostatic pharmaceuticals


New generation of equipment for of medical wastes neutralization based on unified functional constructions of high-temperature (from 900ºC to 1,200ºC) microwave heating and sterilization.


Operating principle of the equipment is high-temperature microwave heating and microwave sterilization.

Microwave sterilization temperature from 100 to 600°С
Microwave heating temperature from 900 to 1,200° С
Operating frequency of microwave generators 2,450 ± 49 MHz
Productivity up to до 20 hg/hour depending on its type
Power consumption up to 25 kW
The complex allows continuous operation during 24 hours
Life time up to 8 years
► Stationary variant
► Mobile variant
► up to 600 kg
► up to 1,800 kg
Class of hazard after neutralization 4

The modular design of the equipment allows quick optimization of the equipment for specific needs and conditions for hazardous waste neutralization.
A significant advantage of the microwave technology of medical waste neutralization is the possibility of its application in the form of both centralized embodiment for waste neutralization (stationary version) and a mobile version of waste neutralization.

The use of complex of equipment for medical waste neutralization and microwave heating and high-temperature sterilization technology fully satisfies the basic requirements of medical waste neutralization, including pharmaceutical waste and cytostatic pharmaceuticals:
  • Environmentally friendly (without use and formation of connections toxic to humans and harmful for environment);
  • Operating reliability and safety (absence of toxic consumables and high pressure);
  • Possibility of neutralization of the waste at the site of their formation;
  • Significantly lower expenditure of energy as compared to the thermal methods (incineration).
R&D protection

Application for an invention (Eurasian patent) number NA 20140462 “Resonant cavity of ultrahigh frequency and heating devices on its basis from 08.28.2014.

No analogs. It is a brand new generation of equipment for neutralization of medical waste based on unified functional structures of high-temperature microwave heating and sterilization (up to 1,200 ºC), which represents an alternative high-performance environmentally safe technology of hazardous medical waste disposal.



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