Resource-saving technological equipment for applying polyurethane adhesives in production of new-generation building structures


The automated science-intensive equipment was designed for programmable dosed supply of polyurethane compositions in production of adhesive building structures.


The equipment is based on the principle of dosed supply of the adhesive to a distribution plate with taps for subsequent automatic programmable application of the continuous adhesive strips and airless dispersion of water aimed at activation of the bonding process.

Technical characteristics

Method of adhesive application strips
Number of strips applied 99
Distance between the strips, mm 12.5
Density of the adhesive application, g/m2 from 60 to 300
Method of water application dispersion
Number of water sprayers 4
Dosing unit productivity, g/sec from 30 to 90
Working volume of the tank, l 40
Range of the adhesive temperature maintenance in the tank, °С from +18 tо +35
Air pressure:
  • in the tanks, MPa
  • in the pneumatic actuator system, MPa

  • 0.2
  • 0.6
Workspace of the assembly table, mm 1,250 х 6,000
Carriage drive rack-toothed
Carriage velocity, m/min up to 20
Installed capacity, kW 5.0
Size, mm 3,400*8,800*1,800
Weight, kg, not more than 950

Standard configuration of the equipment:
  • Dosing unit;
  • Tank (with working volume of 40 l);
  • Unit of the automatic replenishment of the tank;
  • Unit of adhesive and water application;
  • Pneumatic equipment;
  • Control system and the set of electrical equipment;
  • Frame of the dosing unit;
  • Stand for cargo containers;
  • Assembly table.

I. Technical:
  1. High accuracy of dosing and uniformity of application of adhesive compositions;
  2. Electronic regulation of productivity of the adhesive supply and velocity of products feeding;
  3. Use of high-precision dosing gear pumps with servo drives;
  4. Automatic application of adhesives, minimal influence of the human factor on the application process;
  5. Use of advanced dosing units that ensure the safety of adhesives during their storage and subsequent processing;
  6. Use of a programmable logic controller which allows the operator to set the density of application of adhesive compositions and velocity of products feeding without manual adjustment;
  7. Reliability, simplicity of operation and maintenance.
II. Other:
  1. Manufacture and delivery term (from the moment of the approval of the performance specifications) is 30 calendar days, while foreign manufactures (OMS, Cannon, Liquid Control, EDF, etc.) require 120-150 calendar days;
  2. Price of the equipment is 1.5-2 times lower than that of the foreign analogues;
  3. Payback is 6-12 months from the beginning of production;
  4. The technology is environmentaly safe, non-waste, explosion-proof and fire-safe.
  • Automotive industry;
  • Industrial production, materials and transport;
  • Crude oil and natural gas;
  • Wet-heat equipment.
Commercial offer
  • Sale of finished equipment
  • Technology transfer for production of a certain type of products
  • Organization of joint production