Complexes of equipment to manufacture sandwich panels


   The complex is aimed to make sandwich panels with foam polyurethane filler , mineral wool, foam polystyrene with
   outside cover with plastic , mental and others; to make glued structural timber: beam, carrier , parquet and others; to
   apply protective polymer coats.


   The complex includes:
   ► automatic device to deposit single-component polyurethane adhesives
   ► press

The facility to apply single-component foam polyurethane adhesives is designed for dosed supply of single-component foam polyurethane adhesives on working surface. The facility enables to process all types of single-component adhesive systems with component viscosity up to 5000 mPa*s. The facility accurately doses and supplies the adhesive composition with a special-purpose chemical pump from the consumption tank along the pipes with the required fitting into a glue applicator and sprays water in doses as a reaction catalyst.


Dispense capacity, cm3/s from 30 to 90
Adhesive depositing method With continuous strips
Distance between adhesive depositing strips, mm 11,5
Adhesive depositing width, mm from 1000 to 1200
Number of strips 96
Adhesive deposition density, g/m2 from 150 to 250
Adhesive deposition rate, m/min 15
Water depositing method airless spray
Water deposition rate, m/min from 10 to 20
Installed power, kW 4,8
Supply voltage 380 V 50 Hz


Sandwich panels are used in construction of inexpensive qualitative house-rooms , warm houses, hotels and camping including service and trade rooms.


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