Facility to deposit single -component polyurethane glues 1KPU-300

The facility is designed for dosing and gluing of single -component polyurethane glues on the blank surface for glued window, door bars, all-types -wood structure beams , mineral construction plates , ceramic materials, MDF-boards, construction materials , solid foam plastics and other materials. The facility enables processing of all types of single-component glue systems with component viscosity from 10 to 75000 cPs.


1КПУ-300 includes:

Dosing unit:
  • special gear-type pump with electromotor drive
  • pump shaft rotation rate sensor
  • pressure electronic indicator
  • a set of fluoroplastic connection hoses
  • a set of faucets and и globe valves
Gluing facility (2 design options):

  • self-cleaning gluing needle valve sprayers;
  • air preparation unit;
  • gluing start and finish sensor.
Option №2:
  • distributing plate;
  • air preparation unit;
  • gluing start and finish sensor .
Control board:
  • microprocessor system;
  • LCD;
  • membrane keyboard;
  • light and sound indication;
  • «manual-automaticт», option switch
  • «emergency switching» button;
  • dosing and gluing remote control.
Blank power feed:

Blank conveying speed, from 10 to 35 m/min.

Technical specification* 1КПУ-300:
Gluing density, g/m2 150-300
Gluing width, mm 10-240
Dosage capacity, cm3/min 125-2100
Capacity of manufactured articles per hour , max 1500
Blank gluing area after pressing, % 100
installed power, kWt 0,55
supply-line voltage V/Hz 220 - 50

Frequency converter dosing unit output adjustment is available. Widening of gluing density range is possible. Including the gluing width as well as delivery of additional kitting-up by Customer’s request is possible.

Foreign analogues
CascoWoodAdhesive(Finland), OEST(Germany), Wehrmann(Germany)

STP status
By-request production

Service documents
service manual, registration certificate

Size, weight
Facility without feed device: 1670 х 770 х 1450 mm; 130 kg
Feed device: 1130 х 780 х 1380 mm; 115 kg

Cooperation patterns
  • production by Customer’s technical requirements and for concrete articles
  • service staff training
  • warranty service
Terms of delivery
  • Terms of payment: 50% advanced payment; -50% after acceptance tests have been carried out on the basis of RI Applied Physical Problems named after Sevchenko, BSU.
  • Manufacturer sets a 12-month warranty time on the equipment from the moment of its transfer. Warranty is not valid for parts and assemblies damages owing to violation of service technical requirements.
  • Carries out acceptance test simultaneously with facility handling training taking part in RI Applied Physical Problems named after Sevchenko, BSU
  • Equipment manufacturing time makes 20-40 days from the moment the advanced payment has been entered Manufacturer’s account.