Adhesives plants

Facility to deposit single -component polyurethane glues 1KPU-300

The facility is designed for dosing and gluing of single -component polyurethane glues on the blank surface for glued window, door bars, all-types -wood structure beams , mineral construction plates , ceramic materials, MDF-boards, construction materials , solid foam plastics and other materials. The facility enables processing of all types of single-component glue systems with component viscosity from 10 to 75000 cPs.


Two-component glues dozing unit EPI-40М

Designed to prepare two-component glue mixture to be deposited both by hand -filling knife or roller- and automatically- using eddy rollers.


Complexes of equipment to manufacture sandwich panels

The complex is aimed to make sandwich panels with foam polyurethane filler, mineral wool, foam polystyrene with outside cover with plastic , metal and others; to make glued structural timber: beam, carrier , parquet and others; to apply protective polymer coats. The facility enables to process all types of single-component adhesive systems with component viscosity up to 5000 mPa*s.


Multifunctional robotic system for packing, sealing and bonding

The system was designed for dosing, mixing and applying of two-component polyurethane foam and silicone systems for production of sealing contours.


Resource-saving technological equipment for applying polyurethane adhesives in production of new-generation building structures

The automated science-intensive equipment was designed for programmable dosed supply of polyurethane compositions in production of adhesive building structures.