General-purpose embedded module for electric current and voltage stabilization

  The product was designed for modernization of serial power sources in order to increase
  efficiency and reduce the content of non-ferrous metals and special steels, as well as
  reduce the weight and size characteristics.

  The modules represent secondary power sources with maximum capacity of 6 kW
  designed for the modernization of widely used serial power sources of different types.
  Modernization is carried out by replacing inefficient stabilizers of older types
  (ferroresonance, rheostat, saturating chokes, etc.) in serial power sources with modern
  stabilizers. New stabilizers work in key mode and are controlled via pulse-width modulator

Characteristics and features

• The fundamental change in the structure of power supplies for plasma technologies, lighting and film projection equipment, etc.
• High efficiency - up to 95% (instead of 35-70% of the old power sources)
• Reduction of weight and size characteristics in 7-10 times
• Ability to use the upgraded power source in a pulse mode, which significantly expands the area of its application. The current pulse shape is specified by the programmer and can be complex (Morse code for transmitting light signals for seagoing ships, etc.).
• Pulse mode reduces significantly power consumption by the power source
• Easy-to-use design and small size (only 2 cm3 / W) make it easy to install the modules instead of the extracted old stabilizators

Patent defense
Patent of the Republic of Belarus № 3612 from 07.01.2008

• Reduction of energy consumption by 2-3 times.
• Reduction of non-ferrous metals content by 15-20 times (saves up to 100 kg for a single power source with minimum power of 5 kW)
• Excluding of transformer special steels.
• 4-6 times reduction of non-ferrous metals consumption in plasma technology of decorative and durable coatings application.
• Environmental and social efficacy consists in two-fold reduction of ozone emission and two-fold decrease of the heating of optical units and equipment as a whole while film projection, which improves working conditions of the personnel.

Power sources of this type should be used for complete replacement of power sources of old types and usage as a part of new electrical devices