Platform scales


Automated complex for static weighing of various cargoes at accounting and production operations in industrial, agricultural and commercial enterprises


Automated complex is designed on the basis of the weights of type M8000 and M8100 manufactured by LLC "Metra".
The scales are of industrial version, characterized by high reliability, and can be used in harsh industrial environments.
Maximum capacity is up to 3000 kg.

Control standard functions

• Output to display the values of the mass of "gross", "net", "packaging"
• Tare weight selection and entering tare weight values from the keyboard
• Set display to zero automatically and manually
• Zero auto-tuning
• Collection and display of the sum of the results of several weightings
• «Freeze" of weight indication automatically and manually
• Weighing results print
• Connection to a PC - RS232 or RS485

Distinguishing features
• User friendly operation
• Wide temperature range (-30 to +40 °C)
• Centrally located tension sensor or 4 tension sensors under the angles of the carrier
• High structural strength due to the absence of moving parts
• Protection against external factors due to: coatication of a weight hanger with powder enamel or stainless steel weight hanger;
• A set of options and modifications , providing solution of a wide range of tasks

Commerce offer

Delivery of standard- control -system scales
Correction of the software "made to order"
Services for installation and using the complex (conformity certificate for the right to repair of measuring devices № BY/112 04.18. 003 07643).

Foreign counterparts

Static scales made by “Mass-K", Russian Federation, manufactured at "Tenzo-M", Russia.