Spraying apparatus for airless application of anti-stick and barrier coats

  The apparatus is used for the application of nonstick coatings on moulding cores and form by
  airless paints spray

  The spraying aparatus is easy and convenient to use, provides a smooth and economical
  regulation of the material.


Volume of paint, l < 40
Operating air pressure in the tank, MPa <0,4
Viscosity by viscometer VZ-246, GOST 9070-75e, s < 25
Spray material flow, g / min >350

Characteristic features:

• The apparatus is equipped with airless paint spraying device , in the use of which air test measurements results in the area of operator’s work evidence a decrease in the concentration of sprayed materials 5-6 times compared to a pneumatic spraying device , and pilot testing of the apparatus demonstrated the possibility of reducing the flow of sprayed materials by35 .40%
• The use in the apparatus spraying heads spun inserts from superhard materials and synthetic diamonds allows several- time- increase of their service life
• Unified spray heads are especially effective in operations with high abrasion wear , such as sandblasting


• industry
• metalworking
• foundry
• mechanical engineering

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