Facility to control the quality of cooling mediums and additive agents


The facility enables instantaneous (within several seconds) control of quality of the cooling mediums and additive agents, considerable economy in oil, on-line control of deterioration of medium cooling properties and complete avoidance of defects in the process of cooling depending on its cooling capacity . The facility is also a basis for the development of won additive agents and cooling mediums.


The facility includes the following operation units:
  • sensor unit
  • computer interface
  • server software
The sensor unit consists of a thermoprobe with chromel- alumel thermocouple.

The exploitation of the facility suggests heating of the thermoprobe up to the required temperature in a specially designed shaft furnace and its further cooling in the cooling medium. Sensor unit elements are enclosed in a metallic casing providing fire safety.

The signal from the thermocouple is given through the interface to the computer, where with the help of the server software its processing takes place. The display shows diagrams and tables which contain information on dependence of thermoprobe cooling rate on the temperature and average cooling rate in the given temperature intervals.

Machinebuilding, metallurgy.

R&D deliverables status
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