Switch-mode power supply for high power installations (1-10 kilowatt) with built-in microprocessor


Line switching power supplies and high-current pulse generators 1-10 kW power supply is designed for power supply of various electrical installations and aggregates.


The devices can be used for power supply of high-power electroarc devices, such as:
• illuminating electroarc high-power lamps used in film projectors;
• infrared heating units;
• projectors;
• devices for lighting of greenhouses and other large areas;
• technological plasma accelerators for applying of wear-resistant metal coatings;
• welding machines, etc.;
• other types of high-power electrical devices.
Power supplies and generators have a built-in microprocessor and equipped with digital remote control system that allows the operator to control the operation of one power supply or the whole complex of power supplies and electrical installations of the consumer. The distance of remote work is 1 000 m and more.

Implementation of the developed equipment will allow:
• to reduce power inputs by improving the efficiency and reliability of the process;
• to reduce 5-10 times the content of nonferrous metals;
• to reduce the use of special transformer steels
• to save power in a number of processes: in film projection (4 times), while electroarc plasma deposition of wear-resistant coatings (up to 5 times), while using electroarc lamps in greenhouses (up to 1.5 - 2 times), etc.;
• to increase the luminous flux at film projection (2 or more times)
• to reduce mass and size 3 times or more;
• to ensure obturator-free film projection;
• to improve dramatically image quality in film projection by providing high frequency of image flicker (72 Hz for the first time in the world).


Film industry, welding equipment, electronic devices


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