Mobile autonomous water purifier МАVОU


To purify large volumes of water (up to 2500 dm3) of polluted water in emergencies
  • Microbe pollution including virus pollution
  • Dissolved organic and chlorine-organic compounds ass well as active chlorine
  • Colloid particles with high-density metals
  • Weighed particles (sand, clay etc.)

Mobile autonomous water purifier includes the system of cleaning equipment installed on the basis of cleaning equipment installed on the basis of automatic filling machine АRS-14.

Water purification methods include the following steps:
  • Pre-filtration
  • oxidation decomposition
  • adsorption
  • coagulation
  • sedimentation
  • finish filtration

Size, mm:
length 6856
width 2470
height 2480
Fully loaded mass (in stowed position), kg 10500
Capacity, m3/h 0,6-1,0
Maximum filled water volume, m3 2,7
Maximal purified water volume, m3 2,5
Purification time from the moment of its draw off from water body, h 2,5 - 3
Tank filling time, min 12 - 15
Service team (person) 2
Self-suction maximal height (water), m 4

Under the conclusion of Minsk State medical University, RI Epidemiology and Microbiology of Ministry of health Protection of RB, Republican Center of Hygiene, Sanitary and Public Health the purified water meets the requirements of Sanitary Inspectorate Service 10-124 РБ 99 to drinking water in organoleptic, chemical and microbiological indices