Converter to feed electric –arc devices


To feed with electricity electric arc devices of high- powered light systems, motion picture projectors, welding apparatuses, technological plasma accelerators etc. Range of application: plant engineering and welding, light equipment, medicine, enginery and special equipment
  • Electric-arc feeding convertor is an electric power convertor with the output power up to 5 KW without an input transformer. 220-380V rectified voltage of AC power supply is given directly to the convertor’s input controlled with pulse-time modulation controllers and timed pulse generator
  • Such a structure of the power supply enables to receive at the convertor’s output the stabilized by strength direct current or stabilized by amplitude and frequency high-current pulses of the assigned shape, providing high technical-and-economic characteristics of the power supply
  • The technical-and –economic results have been achieved owing to pulse feeding of motion picture projector electric arc lamp. For the first time in cinema projection equipment the projection with high frequency of obturation making 72- 75 Hz has been put into effect favoring to a considerable increase in quality of the picture and psychophysical perception the film by the spectator
  • Advantages: 3-4 time decrease in power consumption, double increase in light flow to the screen, reduction in non-ferrous metals in 20-30 times, no need in use of special transformer steels
Range of application
  • lighting equipment
  • medicine
  • industry