Xenon lamps and motion picture projectors power supplies –MILLENNIUM+ NUANCE

The power supplies are designed for high-pressure short-arc lamps, obturator and non-obturator motion-picture projection, and generation of powerful light pulses from 5μs and higher in accordance with the preset law of variation in time. Conversion of standard source DC into pulse current is available. 
  • The power supplies are aimed to feed electro arc devices with electric power. The list includes powerful light arc—lams , motion picture projectors, technological plasma accelerators to apply wear-resistant coats, welding apparatuses as well as other types of electrotechnical devices.
  • The technological novelty of the product lies in complete change of the structure of the power supplies, i.e. in using width-pulse modulation method to control the powerful supplies for arc devices which excludes ballast regulating units, which unproductively consume a considerable amount (up to 40% and more) of electrical energy in old power supplies электроэнергии в источниках питания старого типа
  • Used in motion picture projects, lightning, medicine , light-effect equipment.
Four modifications have been developed:
  • The 1st –«Luch» to feed powerful supplies up to 20 KWt as well as picture motion projectors
  • The 2nd –«Plasma» -to feed technological plasma accelerators to apply wear-resistant and decorative metal coats
  • The 3rd –«Welding» to feed welding equipment
  • The 4th «Constant-current transformer» to feed electric power convertors of the type : 1- direct current – alternating current, 2- direct current – alternating current – direct current , 3- direct current –pulse current up to 5 kWt
The power supply provides :
  1. Feeding the lamps of picture motion projectors with stabilized by amplitude pulse or direct current with automatic control and maintenance the assigned value of lamp arc current
  2. The operation of the lamp in generation mode of both single and periodic high-current pulses of rectangular shape or in direct current mode
  3. The operation of the lamp in the mode of generation of complex –shape light pulses with the assigned law of density change with the time
  4. Assignment of the amplitudeЗ, duration and shape of f the pulses of lamp ark current .
  5. Control and protection of devices and circuits, providing the sequence of enabling and disabling of separate units included into the source
  6. “Cushion starting “ mode
Arc lamps operating current preset range 2 -400 А
Idle current voltage Up to 160 V
Load output voltage range 5- 50 V
Accuracy of current stabilization in pulse 3 %
Output power in pulse mode 0,25-20 KW
Maximum pulse repetition frequency in motion-picture projection mode 100 Hz
In light-effects mode 1000 Hz
Specific energy efficient characteristics 4,2 l/W
Specific weight characteristics (lm / W of electric energy input ) g / W) 5-8 g/ W
Specific weight and size characteristics 8-11 sm3

In design the power supplies are made in three versions:
The 1st version-attachment- modulator to motion picture projector to convert the direct current of standard power supply6 into pulse current of lamp feeding. (see photo 1-«Millennium-PM»)

The 2nd version – pulse converter which is built into the motion picture projector standard power supply for its modernization into pulse operation mode (see photo 2-«Millenium-3).

The 3rd version – pulse power supply for complete replacement of the standard direct current power supply in motion picture projector (see photo 3-«Millennium -10»).

Advantages over the analogues:

4-fold energy saving ,

Double increase in light flow,

Compared to the conventional sources the size and weight of the product is reduced in 3 times and more

Non-obturator motion-picture projection with high flicker rate,

Reduction in filter wear-out

Range of application
  • lighting equipment
  • medicine
  • industry