Electronic control gear LUCH


Electronic control gear LUCH was designed for stabilized and modulated current supply of arc sodium high-pressure lamps mounted in a special bulb with internal mirror reflector and arc sodium high-pressure lamps mounted in a transparent tubular bulb, as well as other similar units.

  • The electronic control gear LUCH allows to obtain stabilized or modulated (time-varying with the frequency of 0-1,000 Hz) light flow. Such an operation mode improves the quality and productivity of yields in greenhouses.
  • The device is connected to the gap between 220 V supply mains and throttling electronic control gear, which eliminates the necessity of complicated rewiring of the lighting lump.
  • The efficiency of the integrated connection of the arc lamp is increased up to 97-98% owing to electronic pulse-width current stabilization
The electronic control gear LUCH can be supplied with a built-in microprocessor and a digital remote control system. This option allows the operator to:
  1. remotely control the operation of an installation or a complex of power supplies and electrical installations;
  2. monitor the technical condition of the equipment and its output parameters;
  3. control promptly the luminous flux of the illuminating lamp in a pre-programmed manner.

The electronic control gear LUCH was designed for electric supply of:
  • illuminating high power arc lamps for illumination of greenhouses and other large areas;
  • illuminating arc lamps for street and suburban highway lighting;
  • infrared heating units and other types of electrical devices which require stabilization or modulation of current or voltage.