Laboratory equipment to provide laboratory training in physics and electronics for higher school

The laboratory equipment is intended for conducting physical practical work in the context of basic sections of General Physics course:

  • Mechanics - 10 laboratory works;
  • Molecular physics - 10 laboratory works;
  • Electricity and magnetism - 10 laboratory works;
  • Optics - 10 laboratory works;
  • Atomic physics - 10 laboratory works;
  • Nuclear physics - 10 laboratory works.
The sets of the educational - scientific equipment are designed in the form of the automated devices providing both carrying out some special practical work and conducting some scientific researches.

Components of the set:
  • Educational - scientific stand for optical processing of information
  • Laboratory complex for thin film and protective coat physics
  • Educational spectrometer for nuclear gamma-resonance
  • Informational - measuring complex for studying physical properties of biological membranes and their models
  • Laboratory complex for chemistry of solids and electronic devices technology
  • Complex of educational - scientific equipment for electromagnetic fields research and studying physical principles of radio-electronic and microwave devices operation
  • Complex of laboratory works on experiment automation
  • The universal laboratory complex includes the set of laboratory devices with system of computer control and the set of technical instructions for carrying out laboratory works
  • The developed complexes are manufactured on a modern technological level and have no direct analogues. The complexes allow solving the whole range of problems of material - hardware maintenance of laboratories for physical practical work taking into consideration essentially smaller financial expenditure.
  • Equipment, software and methodical components of complexes are carried out on a contractual basis and are based on the requirements of the customer.


The set of laboratory equipment is intended for conducting laboratory training in optics by university students studying physics. The set consists of 10 laboratory works including studying basic courses of wave optics (interference, diffraction, light polarization), quantum optics (photoeffect, thermal radiation) and geometrical optics).


"Nuclear Physics"

The set of laboratory equipment is intended for conducting a cycle of laboratory training at a modern level in applied nuclear physics on uniform element base.


"Electricity and magnetics"

A set of laboratory equipment to carry out laboratory physical practicum in the course of «Electricity and magnetics» includes 8 laboratory facilities and methodology. The output of data can be manual and in case of necessity they may be printed. The information exchange with a PC is possible when a slight modification is done.



The set consists of 8 laboratory facilities, operating instructions and a computer program. Each facility allows to carry out several sets of laboratory experiments, depending on the course specifics and specialists’ qualifications.


"Atomic physics"

The set consists of 3 laboratory works on spectroscopy based on a common experimental facility.


"Molecular physics"

The set of laboratory equipment is intended for conducting laboratory training by university students studying Molecular physics. The set consists of 8 laboratory facilities with operating instructions and a computer program which simulates one of the most significant classical experiments in statistical physics – Kepler’s experiment.