Laser based on yttrium aluminum garnet for a special practicum on Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics


YAG Laser for a special practicum on Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics LS- 2132 Y is designed for students specialized in Physics (Optics, Laser Physics, Laser Technology) and can be used in conducting of practical training with students of other specialties (Materials Science, Military Science, Biology, Medicine), as well as for scientific research.
The design of the device allows us to analyze the energy and temporal characteristics of the laser radiation in free-running mode, active and passive Q-switching modes by placing and replacement of intracavity elements.


Main technical characteristics of the laser

Laser radiation wave length   1064 nm, 532 nm
Impulse energy free-running lasing 300 mJ (1064 nm)
  passive Q-switching 300 mJ (1064 nm)
  active Q-switching 70 mJ (532 nm)
Impulse duraton free-running lasing 200 µs
  passive Q-switching 100 ns
   active Q-switching  20 ns
 Laser beam intensity divergence angle    2,5 millirad
 Polarization    linear
Pulse repetition frequency
   10 Hz
 Power consumption    750 Watt

Overall dimension, weight

Laser component Overall dimension, mm Weight, kg (not less than)
 Transmitter unit  960´200´115  9.5
 Power supply unit  365´365´192  16
 Cooling system  365´365´192  14
 Remote control  175´105´55  0.5

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