Scientific and educational laser complex for optical manipulation of micro-objects: Optical Tweezers


The complex was designed for fundamental and applied research and training of undergraduate, Master and PhD students in the field of modern nanotechnology. It enables to study the operation principle of optical tweezers, perform capture and target delivery of micro-objects using Gaussian, Bessel and singular light beams, and investigate the effect of the intensity and phase-polarization structure of laser radiation on the optical trapping power.


The complex includes a set of mechanical and optical elements, a solid-state DPSS laser with a generation wavelength of 532 nm, holographic transparencies, computerized system for three-coordinate table control and photo and video recording of micro-objects.

The radiation wavelength of the operation laser is 0.53 microns. Operation radiation power is 0.3 W. The size of the controlled objects is 10 microns. Working area - 125 μm × 125 μm.

The novelty of the development consists in operate Bessel and singular light beams, along with the traditionally used Gaussian beams.

  • The complex enables to carry out up-to-date research on optical manipulation of micro-objects. Another great value is the developed holographic polymer media and optical transparencies used for formation of light beams with a given phase-polarization structure
  • The complex offers a wide variation of the complex arrangement (can be adjusted to the requirements of educational standards of different countries and peculiarities of organization of the educational process)


No direct analogues


Bio- and nanophotonics, bioengineering and photochemistry