Hollow diamond disk for semiconductor wafers chipping

The discs are designed for die separation from different materials used in microelectronics. Standard planting and the outer diameter of the disc allows them to operate on any die separation equipment.

The cutting blade of hollow diamond disk consists of inner and outer layers:

• inner layer is a solid metal matrix of nickel with evenly distributed synthetic diamond micropowder and ultrafine diamond, it has a high cutting capacity, reduced cutting width and provides a high cutting performance for die separation

• outer layer of the disc cutting blade is a metallic matrix of nickel alloys with iron or cobalt with uniformly distributed therein diamond micropowder of lesser extent dispersion than the inner layer and is intended for finishing machining of crystal faces. It allows in the process of die separation to reduce the number and the amount of chips on plates planar side.

The main technical parameters:

outer diameter, mm 56.0; 58.0
inner diameter (bore), mm 19,05
workpiece silicon, ceramics, quartz, glass ceramics, polycor glass
diamond grain size, µm 2/05–40/28
minimum thickness of the blade, µm 15–80

Advantages of the Disks:

• help to reduce the width of the cut in separation of semiconductor wafers from t + 20 to t +10 µm;
• reduce the number and size of chips on semiconductor wafers planar side in two times and more (5 ¸ 10 ¸ 2 to 5 µm);
• to increase tool life by 10 - 15% (total disk length of cut-to-wear complete has increased from 750 to 1000 m ¸ ¸ 1200 to 1000 m);
• Increase the cutting capacity (cutting feed value increased from 40 to 60 ¸ 50 ¸ 70 mm / s;
• the designed technology allows you to create discs complying with specifications of best world standards, at significantly lower cost

Application: Microelectronics

Form of cooperation: sale of the finished product