Network system for optimization of entrance examination board work in large educational institutions - ENTRANT

The network system for optimization of entrance examination board (admission commission) work in large educational institutions is intended for on-line support of an entrance examination board, administration and dean's offices with complete and qualitative information on process of admission of first-year students to higher educational institutions.

The system allows receiving information on number of entrants, course of entrance examinations, results of admission to higher educational institutions, generating all necessary reporting forms for the Ministry of Education.

The period of functioning of the system is divided into the following steps:
  • Adjustment of the system for admission rules of the given higher educational institution;
  • Pre-examination period of reception of documents of entrants;
  • Examination period;
  • Holding entrance examinations;
  • Post-examination period of transfer of entrants to students.
A period of system adjustment is characterized by setting rights of access to the data; parameters of the questionnaire of the entrant are set; specialities and entrance examinations are listed, the plan of admission, the examinations schedule, preferential categories of entrants, grade system are set.

A pre-examination period is characterized by creation of questionnaires of entrants that are prepared on the basis of the documents sent to the admission commission; examination groups are created; information on the process of reception of documents, information on competitions to the budgetary form of education, lists of entrants of examination groups, lists of groups for faculties, data on entrants and their privileges and reports of the admission to entrance examinations on various forms of training are printed.

The examination period is characterized by preparation and printing examination sheets, sheets for examination testing and for interview; information forms on passing examinations and much others are printed.

During the post-examination period the system prepares and prints the reports of an admission comission on transfer of entrants to first-year students, orders on admission to various forms of training, etc.

The system provides an opportunity of preparation of the entrants transfer data for the automated transfer to the system ''Students''.

  • The system is created on the high-efficiency platform Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
  • The majority of components of the system are independent and independent on other software.

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