Multifunctional Smart ID Card

Main spheres of applications of the Multifunctional Smart ID Card

1. As an employee’s ID card:
• for visual identification of the owner in accordance with the printed photo, surname, name and patronymic;
• as an electronic pass into a room, parking lot, areas with limited access, for movement control and quick search of an employee or in absentee management system;
• as an electronic library card;
• for identification in external applications (public transport ticket, etc.).

 2. As an PKI-card:
• for the use in the electronic document management system as a mean of electronic digital signature forming;
 • for reliable two-factor user authentication in the university computer network, access to its various information resources and applications, as well as for secure local and remote operation of mobile users.

3. As a means of payment:
 • as a fully functional international chip payment card MasterCard.

Description of the card
Visual (graphic) user ID information is recorded on the front and back sides of the card. For this purpose the card contains the following electronic data carriers:
• non-contact chip (RFID) – contains the application for pass and access systems, use of the library, provides access to computer services and the use of external systems;
• contact chip – contains the operating system of the card and electronic applications (application for digital signature forming and payment application).

Contact chip of the card represents JaCarta electronic key with installed applets. The electronic key is designed as a specialized secure microcontroller and provides reliable protection of user’s private cryptographic key. Public and private signature keys are generated in the card and stored in non-volatile memory of the microcontroller. The private key never leaves the microcontroller.

The technologies used in the card, in particular the microcontroller AT90SC28880RCFV and operating system OS755 v.1.1 Athena, which corresponds to JavaCardPlatformSpecification 2.2.2 and GlobalPlatform 2.1.1 specifications obtained an international certificate of compliance with safety profile SmartCardSecurityUserGroup - SmartCardProtectionProfile according to standard requirements CommonCriteria (СТБ 34.101.1,2,3 -2004) with security level EAL4 + (UGO4 +). Each microcontroller has an integrated generator of random numbers sequences.

Thus, as a means of EDS, the Smart ID Card can be connected to any computer or mobile device with any operating system regardless of RAM and computer or mobile device disk space.
MifarePlus microchip is used as the RFID.

The project was designed in accordance with the principles of public-private partnership by the following organizations:
• Belarusian State University,
• Main Information and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Education,
• Identification Systems Center of the National Academy of Sciences,
• Belinvestbank JSC
• Softclub Ltd.
• NTC Contact CJSC
• Infokard Ltd.
• Electronnoje Delo Ltd.


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