Information analytical system for carrying out Grant competition for students and post-graduate students of the BSU - GRANTS

The GRANTS system is intended for carrying out grant competition for conducting scientific research by undergraduate students, MA degree students and post-graduate high school students.

For using the system on a computer the user should install the Microsoft Access database.

The system allows to form input and output documents automatically:
  • The application form for participation in the competition
  • The description of the project
  • The list of the published scientific works
  • Newsletters for expert commission work
  • Forms for reviewers
  • The order on financing the project
  • The report on performance of the project, etc.
The GRANTS system automatically carries out estimation of projects by preliminarily developed criteria and provide calculation of financing of projects which have won the competition.

The GRANTS system allows carrying out paperless "virtual" competition.

Introduction of the GRANTS systems at the BSU has allowed reducing number of the employees engaged in support of competition by 5 times, provided significant time saving for staff members supervising the competition. The system also eliminated all mistakes connected with an estimation of projects and official registration of papers by both applicants and staff members supervising the competition.

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