Information system of document circulation automation and reporting on work with students in higher educational institutions - students

The system is intended for document circulation automation and reporting on work with students in higher educational institutions. The system covers functioning of such divisions as dean's offices of faculties, staff management, training - methodical management, stipendial department, department of paid services in education, library, military faculty, faculty of physical education, students' hostels.

The system provides the following opportunities:
  • Photographing of the student for making a digital photo;
  • Digitizing a sample of the signature of the student and management of the faculties;
  • Creating directories of faculties, departments, specialities and specializations;
  • Drawing up of the curriculum for each speciality and specialization;
  • Formation of the list of first-year students on the basis of the information imported from system ''Entrant'';
  • Formation of training groups;
  • Conducting personal files of students;
  • Formation credit - examination sheets, sheets on second attempt to pass credits and examinations;
  • Formation of summary sheets;
  • Statistics by results of session;
  • Providing scholarship;
  • Generation of the academic certificates, warrants for pre-term passing session examination;
  • Saving a history of movement of students;
  • The control of payment of training;
  • Generation of orders on staff of students;
  • Granting students data to commandants of hostels, library, military divisions and faculty of physical education;
  • Formation of the appendix to the diploma;
  • Creation of archive of graduates;
  • Assignment of young specialists;
  • Creation of all forms of reporting for the Ministry of Education.
Convenient feature of system is the opportunity of formation of lists of any form on the basis of the criteria of search set by the user.

Possible search criteria can be any (or all) attributes of personal files of students, academic progress data, grant, payment of training, and also all volume of information about the student, contained in various divisions of higher school establishment.

The digital photo, digitized sample of the student's signature and other data about the student allows creating the following personal documents:
  • The student's card on the basis of a contactless smart - card;
  • The record-book with a digital photo and digitized sample of the signature of the student.
Each application is intended for automation of work of the certain division of high school establishment.

System users, depending on the access rights given by the manager, get access to various information resources and certain contingent of students (there is an opportunity of division of access on faculties, forms of training, citizenship, and form of financing of training).

The system is created on high-efficiency platform Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and a set of the applications created on the basis of the ''client - server'' architecture.

All target documents of the system are created with the help of such applications of Microsoft Office as Excel and Word.

The system contains the starting module which carries out automatic installation of applications accessible to the user and allows informing users about various events. In case of uploading the starting module on an internal Web-site installation of system on client workplaces is reduced to informing the users of the Internet - address.


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