Computer-aided psycho physiological portraying system PSYCOERGOTEST-EXTRIM

The psychophysiological test "PsychoErgoTest is designed to identify and measure professionally important qualities to perform critical, intense and extreme activities

The algorithms incorporated in the test generalize the experimental measurements of mutually overlapping and mutually exclusive (contradictory) psychometric indicators and to shape the objective characteristics. This allows personnel service agencies to obtain the required information to makepersonnel decisions.

Under the diagnostics the expert can determin:
• compliance of the candidate with the specified requirements
• presence or absence of specified personal characteristics
• scope of the of candidate's most effective activities
• candidate’s strong points
• candidate’s weak points
• effective methods to control an individual
• model of his or her behavior in stressful situations
• a person's ability to grasp the essential information
• the ability to ensure the effectiveness of thinking
• work day planning special aspects
• workplace shaping special aspects
• the impact of music, television , extraneous sounds on the workflow
• work-life balance
• disposition to risk
• mental stamina to sustained loads in stressful situations
• specifics of entering into an effective mode of operation
• speed, accuracy and strength of development of motor skills
• quantitative assessment of motivational and volitional qualities
• possible zone of controversy and conflicts in a team
• probable neurotic tendencies and depressive states


Ministries of Interior and Emergency , securities , public institutions , etc

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