Hardware and software complex for vehicles, machinery and mechanisms accounting MECHANIC


Software of HSC «Mechanic" is implemented in accordance with the technology "client-server". It enables to control the flow of fuel, spare parts, waste time / mileage of vehicles, analyze and predict the activity of the enterprise, to receive reports on the work of enterprises in different sections. It also reduces the time to issue trip tickets, simplifies their issuing and obtaining accounts and reports. It facilitates the account of use of batteries, tires and spare parts.


Hardware and software complex incorporates the following workstations:
  • AWS "Traffic controller" aimed to conduct automated registration of work of motor vehicles in the company and allows for the issuance and processing of traffic logs and generate reports at the enterprise and enables to issue and process trip tickets and form accountability in different sections.
  • AWS "Mechanic» allows to plan and record maintenance and repairs, and keep track of batteries and tires, to control stock materials.
  • AWS "Manager" is intended to receive and analyze on-line information on work of vehicles and mechanisms and to form (construct), reports and graphics.

Road, transport enterprises, transport departments of enterprises of different industries.


Development and maintenance of software in accordance with the requirements of the customer.