Electronic Documents Circulation System for an accredited testing laboratory E-Lab


E-Lab system is used for unification of the electronic documents circulation for accredited testing laboratories. The laboratories must be accredited in compliance with international standards ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 9001


The system meets the requirements of open source software and has the following specifications:
- the language of the system software is PHP. It can be modificated and updated by users;
- contains a standard set of journal forms for accredited laboratories and is easily adjusted to the specifications of each individual laboratory;
- operates on a secure server. No need to install anything on the client side, except for a standard browser;
- works as an interactive service on a local or global Internet network;
- it is possible to use the system on a single local computer (e.g. for training);
-within the framework of a single product installation the structure of the system allows to maintain the documents circulation of many different laboratories and organizations.

The price is 2-3-fold lower than that of the analogues.


Accredited measurement laboratories

Commercial offer

Products made to order, configuration of the system to the specific requirements of the customer, warranty and post-warranty service, consultation