Automated system of control of the storage, distribution and accounting of bulk and liquid materials in warehouses


    The products are used in the design and construction of bulk and liquid materials in

    Technological accounting systems consist of function blocks providing implementation of these

• Monitoring and control of production equipment of materials loading of in storage capacity;
• Control of the amount of the material;
• Control of process equipment of metered unloading;
• Operator workstation, warehouse manager, weighting room.

Automation of the process equipment and overall functioning of the system is provided by applied software that implements the following functions:
  • Process equipment monitoring and control of;
  • Automation of registration and documentation;
  • Communication with MIS of top level.

The system includes the following equipment:
  • Level detectors;
  • Flow meters;
  • Sensors, control devices to detect and control emergency situations;
  • Software to control technological process, production staff workstation, software to communicate with the existing integration information system and service programs.
Warehouses for bulk and liquid materials of industrial enterprises of construction, petrochemical and other industries.

Development, implementation, maintenance of CAM in accordance with the requirements of the customer.