Computer-aided psycho physiological portraying system PSYCOERGOTEST-PROFI

Early persuasive vocational guidance for students of 16 or older. The system allows to identify objectively the basic components of sustainable innate abilities to particular occupations and working conditions. It is based on objective individual indices of capacity for work, stress resistance, lability degree, information perception and organization modes.


Automated system of control of the storage, distribution and accounting of bulk and liquid materials in warehouses

The system is used in the design and construction of bulk and liquid materials in warehouses.


Hardware and software complex for vehicles, machinery and mechanisms accounting MECHANIC

Software of HSC «Mechanic" is implemented in accordance with the technology "client-server". It enables to control the flow of fuel, spare parts, waste time / mileage of vehicles, analyze and predict the activity of the enterprise, to receive reports on the work of enterprises in different sections. It also reduces the time to issue trip tickets, simplifies their issuing and obtaining accounts and reports. It facilitates the account of use of batteries, tires and spare parts.


Electronic Documents Circulation System for an accredited testing laboratory E-Lab

E-Lab is designed for accredited test laboratories. This system makes it easier to work with the electronic document, produces its standardization