Computer training system - Technology of preparation and carrying out surgical operations

The computer training system is intended for students of medical universities, post-graduate students and practicing surgeons. The computer textbook reflects techniques of carrying out various types of operations: general surgery, orthopedy. It is a practical guidance for carrying out operations and incorporates different sources of information into a single whole: manuals with qualitative illustrations, anatomic atlas, video data, articles from medical periodicals.


Expert-training system and its application in ORTHOPEDICS- ORTHO-EXPERT

The program is one of the best examples in the area of artificial intellect in information -computer technologies. System operation covers all medical - diagnostic process from examination up to a choice of treatment tactics of backbone pathology, upper and lower extremities. Intellectual - information opportunities of the system allow receiving data of reference-encyclopedic character that are necessary for the expert of any skill level during the whole course of his/her medical - practical activities in the field of techniques of examination and treatment.