Vibromechanical stimulators

To increase vitality, immune status, to improve athletic performance and fitness, post-traumatic rehabilitation.
Vibration frequency , 10-40 Hz
Amplitude of vibration, not exceeding 6 mm
Vibromechanic stimulants include a control unit with a frequency controller and timer, and a vibrostumulator , which can have a different anatomical ergonomic form.

Vibromechanic stimulants "Stimulus" are designed for post-injury rehabilitation and have different production versions.
Vibromechanic stimulants "IOPS" are equipped with a saddle and are recommended for the formation of a harmonious form, increasing of joint mobility, improving body metabolism, body fat resorption.

Allow to combine training with the service conditions of the place and time, to accurately dose effects on physiologically active areas of the body. Traumatic impact of team sports and jogging are excluded
Rehabilitation Medicine, elite sport, promoting public health and disease prevention
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