Spirometer МАS - 1 - device to assess patient’s respiratory system condition

Purpose and range of application
«МАS-1» is a perfect device to be used in clinics ,outpatients' clinics (including children’s) treatment and health resorts , rehabilitation and diagnostic centers , in actual pulmanology , allergology, professional pathology , anesthesiology , functional diagnostics , sport medicine including , prophilacal examination at industrial enterprises .

Distinctive features
The device ranks as high as best world’s analogues in measurement accuracy, functionality and design. The specialist using the device can measure and calculate more that 40 respiration parameters, comparing it with standards, enabling him to issue a medical report including the tests with pharmacological probe.

  • low price and service costs
  • a reliable sensor of flow with the availability of multiple complete cleaning
  • high capacity energy dependent archieve (more than 50 000 measurments)

Spirometer «МАS-1» underwent state tests in 1996, 2001, 2002 . It was certified and recommended to be used in medical practice . Currently Belarus services more than 700 spirometers «МАS-1».

The spirometer was been awarded with Diplomas of 1st category with Gold medals at St.Petersburg Saloon of Innovations and Investments (in 2005 and 2008), VI МMoscow International Saloon of Innovations and Investments (2006), annual specialized exhibition in the city of Piatigorsk (2007).

Additional performance capabilities of spirometer МАS-1

The spirometers «МАS-1» can be additionally equipped with the the following:
  • expert system «Spiroexpert-Prophilactic examination », to reduce the time of complete examination approximately in 3 times.
  • program «Asthma –monitor », to carry out daily monitoring of peak expiratory flow rate and FEV1 in hospital conditions .
  • channel of pulse-ximetry enabling to extend diagnostic capacities of the spirometer : to measure the factor of saturation of arterial blood with oxygen (SpO2) cardiac rhythm (CR).
  1. The base element of the spirometer is a highl-capacity processor module which provides measurements processing in real time . The device has a nonvolatile memory in which all measured date are stored and accumulated . The base case capacity makes at least 50 000 examinations.
  2. The spirometer can transmit the measurement results to standard peripheral devices: 
    • Matrix or laser printer;
    • PC display etc;
    • PC and computer networks.
  3. The spirometer is equiped with a built-in film alpha-numeric keyboard which enables to enter to the protocol patient’s name , address etc. The keyboard meets the requirements of hygiene and sanitary norms. It can be processed with any disinfectants .
  4. The spirometer contains a built-in LCD with the resolution of 640х480 dots. The LCD has a high contrast and brightness which makes it possible to observe both digital and graphical data without straining the sight.
  5. The spiromete contains an improved flow sensor (of the type “Fleish tube ") with heating of the sensing element . The advantages of the sensor :
    • Having on average 1000–1500 spirogramms a year per one spirometer it has a high capacity in case of examination of a large number of people — 60 and more patients a day in the mode of prophylactic examinations amounting up to 5000–8000 a year in specialized clinics ;
    • a slight air resistance and low dead space in the result of which it has no effect on respiratory system of the patient;
    • invariability , stability of parameters , resistance to multiple sanitary treatment ;
    • regular calibration is unnecessary .
  6. Both single and multiple mouthpieces can be used
For details see the sites : www.unitehprom.ru