Medical - diagnostic system FOR SW-puncture, laser-puncture and electro-puncture diagnostics - LEDIS-2КM

Purpose and field of application
The medical - diagnostic system for SW-puncture, laser-puncture and electro-puncture diagnostics - LEDIS-2КM is intended for physical factors influence to the points of acupuncture, reflexogenic zones. It is also used for detecting the state of acupuncture channels, functional status of various human organs and systems condition.

The system consists of medical diagnostic unit and a personal computer (PC).

Medical - diagnostic unit provides: Therapeutic modes on the basis of SW-puncture and Expert-diagnostic mode. Efficient estimation of functional activity of human organs and systems by methods of electro-puncture diagnostics.
All modes of treatment and diagnostics are controlled by special PC-software. The application of the LEDIS-2КM system is especially effective for treatment of diseases of internal bodies, diseases of peripheral nervous system, boundary conditions, neurosises, etc. Modern modification of Japanese systems for estimation of functional activity of human organs allows conducting operative correction of the treatment on the basis of the results of inspection of the patient before and after the treatment. The special monitoring program created in accordance with a feedback principle allows distinguishing early signs of functional disorders of organs. It also provides opportunity to carry out preventive treatment by influencing the zones or points of acupuncture.

The system of noninvasive treatment and diagnostics is absolutely safe for the patient and medical personnel, simple and convenient in use. The system provides special programs and databases for patients, recommendations for treatment on the basis of specific features of the disease, the anatomic atlas of acupuncture points taking into consideration their projection on the skeleton, muscles and skin.

Range of SW - generation 53 - 68 Ghz
SW power flux density up to 5 мВт/sm2
SW modulation frequency 3000 Hz
Dimensions 240x120x80 mm
Weight 1,2 kg

Registration Certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus № ИМ-7.98385, state registration number Мт-7.115120-1107от 06.12.2011

Forms of cooperation:
small-scale production