Hardware-software complex for creation and study of neural networks, neuro-interfaces and stem cells

The complex consists of devices and methods of creation of a hardware and information interface with nerve cells networks in vitro.

The complex was designed to increase the efficiency of research in the field of brain functioning mechanisms.

  • Creation of functional bioengineering neural networks obtained by differentiation of stem cells
  • Development of new methods of neurotransplantation and therapy of brain diseases of high social importance (trauma and strokes)
  • Development of methods for three-dimensional tissue cultivation with subsequent medical application
  • Creation of a new class of devices that use biological neural networks as one of the elements of information processing
  • Creation of the field of development of cognitive technologies as components of the post-information technological order

The hardware-software complex includes:
  • multichannel system of registration and analysis of the electrical activity of nerve cells
  • cell incubator for maintaining the vital activity of cells
  • sensor of electrical activity of neurons