Echosinuscope for noninvasive ultrasonic diagnostics of human maxillary and frontal sinuses diseases ASU–01


  The device is designed for operative diagnostics of human maxillary and frontal sinuses diseases in
  medical practice and screening surveys. It provides primary qualitative diagnostics and determines the
  presence and the level of exudate filling of the cavities, front walls thickness and the presence of
  pathological formations mostly without the use of X-ray.

Technical characteristics:

• nominal frequency of probe radiation – 3.0 MHz,
• supersonic sounding depth range – up to 80 mm,
• axial resolution – not more than 2 mm,
• ultrasonic echo-signals display in A- and M- modes,
• automatic recording and documenting of the results,
• PC communication via USB 2.0 interface

Product features:

The device allows to minimize the X-rays use in medical diagnostics of maxillary and frontal sinuses. The fact is especially relevant as in the post-Chernobyl period even small doses of additional irradiation while chronic exposure to high radiation and a weakened immune system can provoke the risk of genetic mutations and malignant tumors development. The device is especially recommended for the examination of children, pregnant women, people with a weakened immune system.
The price of the echosinuscope is 1.5-2 times lower than that of the analogues. There are Russian-language software and user interface.



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