Diagnostic complex for estimation of major factors of sportsmen exercise performance D-test

It is intended for estimation of major factors of sportsmen's exercise performance with the purpose of definition of individual duration and intensity of training.

With the help of the given complex it is possible to carry out:
  • Calculation of functional and metabolic parameters of basic sources of energy-supply of muscular activity
  • The control of influence of training load with graphic display of condition of creatine phosphate, glycolytic and aerobic sources of energy-supply with the purpose of immediate correction of orientation and intensity of developing exercises, prevention of sharp physical overstrain.
  • Point system of estimation of basic physical qualities of the examinee
  • Definition of frequency of heartbeat at switching from aerobic to aerobic-anaerobic mechanisms of energy-supply
  • Estimation of complete recreation before repeated physical loadings
  • Definition of balance and harmonicity of development of power and force qualities and endurance under influence of used training loadings
  • Creation of the databank of athletes of various qualification, specialization for analysis macro- and microcycles of training, forecasting sport results

Structure of the complex:
  • Computer (NOTE-BOOK, or desk-top)
  • Electrocardiograph (portable)
  • D-test device
  • Software
  • Noninvasive method of reception of metabolic and functional parameters of basic sources of energy-supply of muscular activity of sportsmen
  • Immediate calculation of functional and metabolic parameters during diagnostics process (duration of diagnostics - 1,5-2 minutes)
  • Evident representation of dynamics of change of parameters of exercise performance at change of training loading
  • Maximal economy in use in comparison with available methods of biochemical research

  • Medicine
  • Sports medicine

Foreign analogues
Complex D-K-Test, Ukraine

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