Carpal four-pistons vibrosimulator for rehabilitation and training


The carpal vibrosimulator can be used for:
• hands and fingers rehabilitation after injuries, with arthritis and arthrosis of various etiologies
• while relaxing rehabilitation training.


The vibrosimulator has the following technical characteristics:
1. time-based force of each finger individually and generalized force of all the fingers;
2. visualization of the force of each finger individually and generalized force that provides the process of neuropsychologic self-regulation of fingers activity and accelerates rehabilitation of the muscles and joints of hands and fingers;
3. adjustable irritation of fingers loop surface provides control of the distal circulation in the fingers and intracranial (brain) circulation
4. the equipment is ergonomic and can be installed in different types of clinics rooms, fitness centers, gyms and training fields


Medicine, Sanitation, Tourism, Sport


• Final product sale
• Modification manufacturing on request