Citogenetic hardware-software complex CHROMOSOME - 01


   The complex is intended for automated analysis of numerical and structural aberrations of
   chromosomes, karyotype construction, automated analysis of micronuclei of human cells. It also
   allows timely revealing of population groups under cytogenetic and oncological risk as well as
   the territory of residing with hugh genotoxicity, prediction of dynamics of citogenetic population
   drift (reorganization of the genome) during the post-Chernobyl period

   The complex includes:

  • High-resolution optical motorized microscope with computer-based control or a microscope with manual control (made in Japan or Germany)
  • The block of computer-based control of the motorized microscope
  • System of optoelectronic photographings of microimages of cytogenetic biological products, their input and visualization into computer system in a mode of single and "alive" images with a speed not less than 15 frames per a second and high resolution (size of one frame is 5 and more Mpix)
  • Computer (starting from Pentium IV), LCD monitor, jet or laser printer
  • Software for microscope control, photoelectronic microfilming, input, visualization and editing of microimages, automated analysis of chromosomes and micronuclear analysis of cells, working under the control of operational systems Windows 95/98, NT/2000/XP
  • Methods of preparation and estimation of cytogenetic biological products parameters for chromosomes analysis and micronuclear analysis of human cells, approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

Software-hardware interface of the complex provides the following operations:
  • Registration of each new patient (examined person) and input of his/her personal data;
  • Selection of the examined person from the list of already registered patients;
  • Input of the image of a metaphase plate into a computer;
  • Automatic segmentation of the image with allocation of isolated objects;
  • Automatic marking of the allocated objects in the assumption, that they are chromosomes;
  • Manual mode of marking of the image of a separate chromosome and automatic calculation of its morphometric parameters;
  • Manual mode of association of the broken objects and separation of adhered or overlapped objects;
  • Automatic classification of a chromosome on designed morphometric parameters;
  • Automatic construction of karyotype on the marked objects of a plate according to Denver classification;
  • Opportunity of manual classification of chromosomes by a method of dragging of the image of a chromosome on a karyotype cell by a mouse manipulator;
  • Automatic calculation and classification of microkernels of cells;
  • Saving of the results of measurement in a database;
  • Opportunity of viewing and editing of the data stored in a database;
  • Adjustment of parameters, layout of the program and the panels representing the results of measurements;
  • Opportunity of working in a network with processing cytogenetic information and association of databases from several computers;
  • Providing the user with explanations and help during the process of using the program in all modes by means of the built-in contextual help system.
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Foreign analogues

The USA, manufacturer Loats Associates, system "Combined Automated Micronucleus Assay / Metaphase Finder System", with the price of 104 thousand USD.

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Alongside with the analysis and karyotyping of chromosomes the complex provides the micronuclear analysis of human cells