Portable spectroradiometer MS-12

A modern small-size UV spectroradiometer, visible-near-infrared spectra of 0,35-1,05 µ in combination with a PC provide high-precision absolute measurements and express analysis of characteristics of radiation , dispersion , transmission , absorption and luminescence of various natural and artificial objects and environments in natural and laboratory conditions.

A combination of a small-size spectroradiometer and non-standard equipmendt enables to use the apparatus in solving a wide range of tasks in the process of aero-space remote sensing from mobile carriers of any type in field and stationary conditions

Spectral range 350-1050 nm
Spectral resolution 2 nm
Radiation detector Photo diode array
Detector photo elements 1024
Sample interval 0,7 nm
Acquisition interval 10 msec-64 sec
Polychromator with concave multi-section diffraction grating 120 str/ mm
Power supply 20 Wt
Connection of PC to spectroradiometer Via RS-232C

Measurement of reflectance, absorption spectrums, transmission and luminescence of solids, liquids, gases and granular materials in industry, ecology, agriculture; quality control, distance optical measurements, double duty

Foreign analogues
The product is in appliance with the level if modern small-size spectroradiometers. . Foreign analogues spectrometer arrays FieldSpec (ASD, USA), GER (USA)

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