Specroradiometer PSR-02

Specroradiometer PSR-02 is designed to carry out measurements in lab and field conditions of spectral radiance (SR , W / cm2×mμ×avg)), including the polarized characteristics reflected by plant elements and other objects of radiation.

General-purpose spectroradiometer can be used in many fields where the. Spectroradiometer utility can be used in many applications requiring the characterization of materials and objects based on absolute or relative measurement of reflected light radiation or own

Spectral range of:  
Visible range , mμ 0,35¸1,05
IR range, mμ 1,05¸2,5
Threshold sensitivity of :  
Visible band (l=0,61 мкм), Вт/(см2× mμ ×avg) 4,8×10-5
IR range (l=2,0 mμ), Вт/(см2× mμ ×avg) 3,98×10-5
SR dynamic range of :  
Visible range (l=0,61 mμ tэксп=0,1 с), дБ 23,73
IR rangeна (l=2,0 mμ, tэксп=0,256 с), дБ 22,72
Spectral resolution of:  
Visible range, nm 2
IR range, nm 10
NP Polaroid rotation angle 360
NP Polaroid rotation angle fixing accuracy, ±1,5
Power supply:  
at DC, V 12
at AC, V from 187 to 242
Power consumption, W 25,2
Weight, kg 9,8
Size (without lenses and nozzles), mm 390 ´ 314 ´ 176

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  • ecology
  • agriculture
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