Vacuum multi-channel atomic emission spectrometer EMAS 200 SSD


Spectrometer EMAS 200 SSD provides accurate identification and atomic emission analysis of the content of the most important chemical elements, including S, P, C in steels and cast irons. EMAS 200 SSD with a vacuum optical system operates in the extended spectral range of 160-1100 nm, including vacuum ultraviolet area.

EMAS-200 SSD base set includes:

• spectrometer with a system for Back-thinned spectra recording - SSD sensors;
• analytical software application nVisiON;
• software with a set of techniques for the analysis of various groups of metals and alloys
Additional equipment:
• a vacuum pump with a vacuum controller
• argon tank with a gear
• spare parts tools and accessories set for spectrometer maintenance.


The spectrometer is designed for reliable and rapid analysis of metals and alloys at factory and research laboratories. It allows to:
• Measure the composition of any type of alloys, to register all the chemical elements;
• Identify unknown materials or impurities;
• Get measurement results automatically with high accuracy and reproducibility on samples of all sizes and shapes;
• Perform automatic profiling of analytical channels that ensures the independence of the measurement results from the external conditions;
• Mark the results that go beyond the calibration range or beyond the specifics of the material.

The analysis results are displayed on the screen and can be stored in an internal results database.


  Commercial offer
  Finished products sale. The spectrometer is delivered to the customer with predetermined calibration based on standard samples and Customer samples (State Standard Samples and Standard Operating Procedures).