Laser video micro-spectrometric system (VMSS) for analysis of characteristics of crooked spatial objects

There are no analogues to the proposed spectrometric system in the world instrumentation. A number of innovative solutions were implemented in its construction:
  • original modular layout of the complex, each measurement module of which can work independently as a separate full-fledged instrument;
  • diverse, easy-to-mount set of measuring modules for assessment of spectral characteristics of crooked spatial objects;
  • possibility of both direct and remote work with the system under control of various computer platforms through wired or wireless interfaces;
  • high-quality functional and ergonomically-employed software.

Technical characteristics:

Characteristic Value
Minimal sample size, mm 300х200
Spectral range, nm 400-950
Minimal number of spectral bands in multizonal survey mode 12
Spectral resolution in local microspectrometric mood, nm 6
Lightning a set of laser and LED sources
Zoom, not less than 250 times
Mechanism of positioning movement of the objects table  
Minimum working stroke by coordinates, mm
coordinate X
coordinate Y
coordinate Z


Maximum positioning accuracy, mm Х direction ±0.05
Y direction ±0.1
Special software of the system allows:
- registration mode setting, storage and processing of the optical radiation of the investigated objects;
- display of the registration and processing results in graphical, textual and digital form on the screen and external data carries.

Operational system
Power supply, V 230 ± 23
Maximum power consumption, W 200
Weight, kg 70
Size (without PC), mm  

The system simplify the rearrangement of a measuring experiment, transforming the configuration and characteristics of light sources, increasing its functionality and performance through a phased completion with optic measuring modules, including new models of digital photo and video cameras and spectrometers.

R&D Protection

For the development of laser video micro spectrometric system (VMSS) included the use of original solutions protected by copyrights and patents:
  • Patent of the Republic of Belarus № 6372. Retro-reflectors
  • Patent of the Republic of Belarus № 13450. Spectrometer with astigmatism correction.
  • The know-how of the software (source code), as well as the technology of adjustment of electronic and optical units are protected as a trade secret.


VMSS allows samples identification in the following areas:
  • Medical diagnosing (histology, cytology, introscopy);
  • Remote monitoring of earth surface;
  • Criminalistics (analysis of images, documents, cryptomarks and other objects);
  • Printing;
  • Textiles, colorimetry;
  • Military applications;
  • Examination of artworks;
  • Agriculture and forestry, food industry;
  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Geology.
Moreover, the system can be used for training of students and specialists in modern methods of versatile (multispectral) shooting and local spectroscopy in the abovementioned areas.

Commercial offer
  • Production on request
  • Organization of joint production