Block external sensors to measure the pulse of gamma and optical radiation in the upper atmosphere of the Earth BVD

ESU is designed for simultaneous measurement of pulse gamma and optic radiations of Earth upper atmosphere following such phenomena as transients, sprites, jets, thunder storms, electric discharges.
For geophysical, optical, aeronomy studies of the nature of Earth upper atmosphere physical processes

ESU consists of three similar gamma-detector modules and three optical modules of glows selection:
  • GDM1
  • GDM2
  • GDM3
  • Red glows selection module RGSM
  • blue glows selection module BGSM
  • lightning discharge selection module LDSM
Gamma-quant sensor operating range From 0,3 to 1,0 MeV
Width of energetic spectrum of gamma radiation on the lines 662 kOe Less than 8 %
Red-glow sensor sensitivity, not worse than 0,3х10 ст.6 W/m2
Red-glow sensor spectral range 640–720 nm
Blue-glow sensor sensitivity, not worse than 0,75х10 st.6 W/m 2
Blue-glow sensor spectral range 430–545 nm
lightning discharge sensors sensitivity, not worse than 0,5х1st. 6 Wт/m2
lightning discharge sensors spectral range 868 ±2,5 nm

  • space
  • geophysics

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