Automated ultraviolet spectroradiometer - PION-UV

  • Automated ultraviolet spectroradiometer PION-UV is the compact and portable device for measurement of absolute values and spectral distribution of direct and diffused solar UV radiation intensity in a spectral range of 280 - 450 nanometers. The product is intended for equipping networks of UV-B radiation monitoring and carrying out scientific researches in the field of atmosphere optics, conducting researches of ultraviolet radiation influence on natural and agrarian ecological systems and on human beings in conditions of ozonosphere destruction
  • The optical - mechanical module is optimized for solving of a wide range of the problems connected with measurements of ultra-violet radiation (double fractional monochromator based on holographic arrays with dispersion subtraction)
  • Automatic process of measurement and archiving of data under control of the external PC
  • Automatic calculation of UV index, daily dozes of erythema bioeffects and DNA damage
  • Portable design and completely hermetically sealed and thermally stabilized system for all-weather operating modes

The device has an input integrating radiation collector with cosine characteristic of sensitivity and the aperture tab overlapping direct sunlight, providing separate measurement of total (direct + diffused) and diffused sunlight from the hemisphere.

To carry out measurements in a necessary dynamic range of sunlight input intensivities the input module of the device contains software-controlled two-level UV-radiation reducer.
Working spectral range 285-450 нм
Spectral resolution 0.8 nm
Detection threshold 0.4·10-5 W/m2nm
Slit function <2·105 of maximum at 2.5 FWHM away from center

<105 of maximum at 6 FWHM away from center
Diffused light level 2·10-4 W/m2nm
Waves lengths installation reproducibility 0.01 nm
Scanning step 0.1 nm
Entire spectrum registration time 5 minutes
Interface RS232C
Range of operating temperatures -20 - + 40 °С
Power consumption 150 Watt
  • UМ radiation monitoring
  • Environment protection
  • Research of ozone layer changes influence on a mode of ground ultra-violet radiation
  • Studying of medical and biologic consequences of ozone layer variations, health protection
  • Double purpose

Foreign analogues
Spectroradiometer SUV-100 (Biospherical Instruments Inc. USA)

Condition of production
Made to order

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Author's certificate № 1659953 with a priority issued on 24.07.1989