Device for remote monitoring of movement of the mobile objects AGENT

"AGENT V-602, 603, 606" are used in the composition of transport satellite monitoring a terminal device installed on the monitored object. That latter could a vehicle, agricultural machinery, construction machinery.

"AGENT" provides:
• automatic detection and recording of the current location, speed, direction and movement and modes of controlled objects using signals satellite navigation system GPS (+ GLONASS on request);
• collection and recording the data about vehicle parameters with the help of built-in and external sensors ( consumption and the amount of fuel in a tank , counting of motor-hours , the state of the board voltage , etc.);
• rapid transfer of navigation and measurement data to dispatcher’s server, using cellular network of GSM standard ; long storage in non-volatile memory of data and their guaranteed transmission in the zone of stable connection with network operator;
• control over unauthorized actions by drivers (intentional concealment , breaking and short-circuiting of antennas, disabling of board power supply , moving with nonrunning engine or disconnected terminal "mass" , etc.).

" AGENT" is intended at:
• operational remote monitoring of the location and movement of freight, passenger and special vehicles , agricultural machinery, construction machinery , etc.;
• In-line remote monitoring of various technical parameters of controlled objects (direction and speed rate, fuel consumption and its amount , engine / refrigerator temperature, on-board voltage , etc.);
• Identifying the facts and misuse and unreasonable standstill of equipment , wastage and theft of fuel;
• Tasks of transport logistics in transportation management systems and auto parks automated process-control systems ( automatic account of movement of vehicles , delivery of goods to the specified point , the analysis of completed routes , speed limits , fuel consumption );
• Automatic notification in case of an accident / high jacking with the definition of the current location of vehicles in drivers and vehicles modern safety systems.


• Vandalism proof design – a metal housing without external connectors and holes (slits), in-housing connection of power cables and antennas (dimensions - 165h100h30 mm).

• Power supply from in vehicle network of the controlled object, a rated voltage range - from 10 to 36 V. Power consumption - less than 3W.
• Built-in rechargeable high capacity battery with the scheme of automatic recharging from in vehicle network, which provides autonomous operation of the device up to 16 hours and allows to record the correct facts of unauthorized shutdowns of in vehicle power and / or antennas

• Built-in active power protection scheme from :
from long-term " over voltages " in the range of amplitudes of up to ± 200 V;
transient noises of microsecond duration and long-term pulses (units of seconds) in supply mains.
• It enables successful operation of "AGENT" even in the controlled facilities with faulty electrical equipment.
• Modern high-sensitivity 66-channel GPS-receiver can accurately determine the location of an object, even in conditions of strong reflections (dense urban areas, closely spaced metal objects, power lines).

• ability of connection of up to 4 external sensors with continuous registration of their condition , which provides remote real-time monitoring of a number of primary and secondary parameters of the controlled object , in particular:
check of fuel level sensor readings ( analog , digital or frequency output ) and their pre-
processing , for example, for calibration tests of standard configuration tanks ;
registration of fuel consumption flow sensor readings;
registration of status of GPS- antenna (interruption , masking) ;
check the cellular standard GSM signal level.

• Built-in digital peripheral interface that enables with the help of external expansion unit to record signals of CAN-bus of the controlled object, making it possible, for example, to control fuel consumption without interfering with the vehicle fuel lines

• Built-in three-axis accelerometer provides stabilization of the position coordinates of the location of controlled object in the difficult conditions of signal reception of satellite navigation system, as well as registration of facts of object transfer in the case of intentional concealment of GPS-antenna by unscrupulous staff.

Delivery , installation and maintenance information options
• There are several ways to introduce satellite monitoring system using transport monitoring devices AGENT.
• Installation and information services are in most cases performed by an exclusive authorized dealer company "ANTELIS-Electronics". Company provides installation services (quality, sealing, photo), information services (own server navigation data) and technical support (identification of abuse and attempts to interfere in the work of monitoring tools, operational emerging issues and troubleshooting).

• Alternatively, the customer can purchase and in the presence of a qualified technician install their own monitoring devices and other sensors on the controlled vehicle.
• In case of a large number of machines it becomes expedient to acquire navigational data collection server and place it in customer’s enterprise. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the availability of qualified technical personnel for maintenance or to conclude a contract with its information services provider.

• If the company has already launched its own system of transport monitoring the devices AGENT can be configured to work with the free data transfer protocol.
Device series "AGENT" successfully operated as part of the satellite vehicle monitoring systems in many enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus (1000)