Ultrasonic gas flow-meters of dimension-types G25 - G100


Ultrasonic gas, liquid, heat energy flow-meters can be used for industrial and commercial liquid account.

Technical characteristics

As compared with the existing analogues, the ultrasonic flow-meters provide a wider dynamic flow range (Qmax / Qcutoff = 2000), higher measurement accuracy (error less than 0.5% in operating conditions and not more than 1% for standard conditions). Working time of the built-in battery is not less than 7 years. The device has a number of know-how features.

  • wide dynamic range of the flow measurement;
  • high measuring accuracy (error less than 1%);
  • low power consumption;
  • complete self-diagnostics;
  • nonvolatile 10-years data archive;
  • lower cost as compared with Russian analogues.

Produced since the year 2011 at LLC "MZEP-1", Minsk
Certified in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation